What is ASDC

Ayat Skill Development Center aims to enhance the development of skilled workforce and focuses demographically on the socio-economically disadvantaged sector of the economy. The curriculum of ASDC is designed to assist the trainees to gather competitive marketing knowledge and employable skills which will help them to find appropriate jobs. The technical and soft skills enrich our workforce to obtain desired outcome and make them capable for both international and domestic market.

Our vision is to create skilled manpower and to change the living standard of our students by providing them with proper technical training and employment opportunities.

Our mission is to provide information and training in the aim to develop a skilled, informed and market competent labor force with the assistance of private and public sector, which will contribute to the development of our society and the economy.

AYAT Education

Ayat Education is a social business and aims to develop the quality of healthcare education and provide healthcare related services, and create awareness about health through youth engagement. It also develops skilled workforce by providing soft and hard skills to create employment to reduce poverty in Bangladesh.